Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS rhelief®?

rhelief® is a natural pain supplement that can decrease pain, increase and prolong endorphins and enkephalins and relieve pain caused by inflammation.


WILL rhelief® make me drowsy?

No, rhelief® has no ingredients that will cause you to become drowsy.


How many times per day can I take rhelief®?

rhelief® can be taken in a 4 fold dose at once and taken every 3 hours as needed


Can I take more than one dose at a time?

Yes you can take up to 4 doses at once.


What are the side effects of rhelief®?

There are no ill effects due to the natural ingredients of rhelief®.


How fast does rhelief® start working?

rhelief® works in under 15 minutes because of its liquid form.


Can I give rhelief® to my children?

rhelief® is recommended for ages 18 and older.


What flavors does rhelief® come in?

Wild Cherry


500% Daily Value of Vitamin D – Is that safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. Up to 70% of people with pain have Vitamin D deficiency which causes musculoskeletal aches and pains. A Vitamin D supplement also assists in the relief of pain.


Can you mix rhelief® with sodas, juices or have it over ice?

Yes you can mix rhelief® with any drink or have it over ice.


Do you have to take rhelief® with a meal?

No it is not necessary to take rhelief® with a meal.


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