About Dr.Riggs Rhelief

All Natural Pain Relief Quick Action Powder crafted by
world-class pain management doctors

Leonard Riggs, M.D.

Andrew Konen, M.D.

Rian Flanagan, M.D.

Dr. Riggs' Rhelief is the product of more than five years of industry research and more than 15 years of clinical practice in the field of advanced pain management. Dr. Riggs' Rhelief founders Andrew Konen, M.D., and Brian Flanagan, M.D., have helped thousands of pain patients and spent countless hours prescribing a plethora of pain-related treatments to their clients. Throughout their daily practice and leadership in the field of pain management, Konen and Flanagan each felt there was a significant opportunity within the over-the-counter marketplace to create a pain-relief drink made with natural ingredients that patients could use on a daily basis to manage a wide variety of pain-related symptoms.

After reviewing numerous medical journals and research studies on natural pain remedies throughout Europe and around the globe, these two pain management pioneers began the process of developing their own proprietary formulations and science-based blends of natural ingredients that have been proven to help curb inflammation, minimize pain receptor conduction, and provide a general feeling of well-being.

Dr. Riggs' Rhelief is the result of this extensive development process and is the first natural pain-relief quick action powder in the world. Each quarter ounce dose can help patients experience pain relief within minutes, with results that last for hours. Plus,as a quick action powder dietary supplement, Dr. Riggs' Rhelief enters the bloodstream quickly and begins relieving/reducing/alleviating pain symptoms in a matter of minutes. When taken in multiple daily doses, Dr. Riggs' Rhelief provides proven pain relief, and its natural formulation means no ill effects on the body. Unlike other analgesic or prescription pain relievers that can have harsh effects on the human body, Dr. Riggs'Rhelief provides safe and effective usage without damaging one's personal health.

Dr. Riggs' Rhelief is a true revolutionary breakthrough in natural pain management, created by nature and perfected in the lab.


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